Electronic GPA Submission Training

Cal Grant GPA Submission Webinars

Live training sessions are held online using WebEx’s online training tool. Please refer to the WebEx website for a list of upcoming GPA training dates and times.

Prerecorded Sessions May Be Accessed Here:

You can visit the CSAC Events WebEx website to register

  • Find the scheduled day you would like to attend, and select ‘Register'.
  • You will be asked to provide your first and last name, email address, phone number, your school's name and address.
  • Once registered, you will be sent an email with instructions on joining your selected training. Save this email, it will contain the link to later join the training session.

If you have any questions regarding these training sessions please call our School Support Services Branch at 1-888-294-0153, or email your questions to schoolsupport@csac.ca.gov