How do I make changes or corrections to my California Aid Report?

For new Cal Grant applicants:
If youíre a new Cal Grant applicant and received a letter that states you were placed "on hold" until the Commission receives corrected data, and the correction form was not received, you may use the Cal Grant Application Correction Form. Youíll need to complete the G-23 form, with all the requested changes, and submit it right away to have further consideration for the Cal Grant. Any delay in returning this form will result in either a delay in the processing of your application or possible disqualification.

For current Cal Grant recipients:
Have you recently moved, changed schools, or changed your name? If so, then youíll need to complete the Grant Record Change Form for Students and submit it to the Commission as soon as possible.

The Grant Record Change Form for Students can also be used to notify the Commission of any changes to your attendance. Have you changed schools or changed your course of study? You may also use the Grant Record Change Form for Students to let the Commission know about these changes. Please keep in mind that any changes to your school (for example, changing from an independent college to a community college), living arrangement (moving from the dorms to your parentsí house), changing your course of study (pursuing a bachelorís degree instead of a vocational certificate) may affect your eligibility for a Cal Grant. Before you make any changes, please talk to your collegeís financial aid office to see if these changes may affect your eligibility for a Cal Grant.