What is my Cal Grant GPA?

Your Cal Grant GPA will be calculated on a 4.00 scale (to two decimal places) and extra weight will not be added for honors, Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate classes.

Your GPA must include all grades from your sophomore year, the summer following your sophomore year, your junior year and the summer following your junior year, except those for physical education, Reserve Officers Training Corps and remedial courses. (Remedial courses are those that arenít counted toward high school graduation.) If you apply after your senior year, your GPA must include your senior-year grades.

Failing grades for classes you havenít repeated before your verified GPA is submitted also must be included. (Keep in mind that your GPA for college admission will be calculated differently.)

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers:

Iíve attended several colleges. What college credits count and from which school?
To determine what grades can be included in your Cal Grant GPA, youíll need to check with the registrarís office at the college you plan to attend to verify the courses they will accept. It is up to that school to determine the college credits youíll be allowed to transfer over and also the GPA you have earned.

Do pass/fail grades count toward my GPA?
No. All Cal Grant GPAs must be calculated based on a 4.00 scale. Itís possible your school could assign a grade to pass/fail classes. If your school isnít able to do so, you will not be able to use those grades. If not using those grades affects your overall GPA, you may wish to submit your SAT or ACT scores in lieu of your GPA.

Can I fax my GPA Verification Form to the Commission?
Yes, however, we would prefer to receive the forms via regular mail. Faxed copies of the form must be hand-processed and could slow the processing of your Cal Grant application.

If I fail a class in the 10th grade and retake it in the 11th grade, does the failed class count toward my Cal Grant GPA?
If the class you failed is the same class you took again and passed, the Commission will accept the passing grade and the failed grade should not be included in the overall GPA.

I am home-schooled. How do I get my verified Cal Grant GPA?
If you are home-schooled or attend a non-accredited charter school, you must submit your SAT, ACT or GED test scores. Complete the student section of the Cal Grant GPA Verification Form and attach a copy of your test scores to it. If submitting test scores, a school does not need to complete the bottom section of the GPA Verification Form. The scores and the GPA Verification Form must be sent to the Commission by the Cal Grant application deadline.

My GPA is very low and I would like to improve it. How do I do that?
If youíre graduating from high school with a GPA that is not high enough to meet the Cal Grant GPA minimum requirements, you can improve or re-establish your GPA at a California Community College. To re-establish your GPA for Cal Grant B Competitive awards, you must complete at least 16 cumulative units of undergraduate transferable/degree-applicable credits for academic course work at an accredited California Community College, with at least a 2.0 community college GPA.

If youíve completed at least 16 college units, but less than 24 units, please ask your community college to submit your re-established GPA to the Commission.

If youíre still in high school and youíve completed 16 community college units, but less than 24 college semester units, you may use either your re-established college GPA or your high school GPA if it is at least 2.0 (you should use the highest GPA score).

Youíll need to make an appointment with your collegeís financial aid office to discuss your wish to have your re-established GPA reported. Please do not wait until the last minute.