What if I am home-schooled—can I still qualify for a Cal Grant?

If you are home-schooled, you can still qualify for a Cal Grant and other state financial aid as well as federal financial aid.

If you were home-schooled, or you attended a school that doesn't provide grades, isn’t fully accredited by a regional accrediting agency or doesn't have a course list approved by the University of California, you must submit your GED, SAT or ACT score. If you have a GPA that’s more than five years old, you may choose to submit a test score instead of your GPA. All test scores must be submitted using the Cal Grant GPA Verification Form.

To submit your test scores, complete the "To Be Filled Out by Student" section of the GPA Verification Form. Mark the bubble for Question 9 "Test Scores" and attach a copy of your ACT, SAT or GED scores. Send the form with copy of test scores to the Commission no later than the March 2 Cal Grant deadline.

You’ll need to take the GED exam, ACT or SAT several months before the March 2 deadline to ensure your test scores are available in time to meet the March 2 deadline.