How do I submit my verified Cal Grant GPA?

If you wish to apply for a Cal Grant and youíre not currently receiving a Cal Grant award, the information below is intended for you.

The Commission uses the information provided on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the California Dream Act Application (CADAA) and your verified Cal Grant GPA to determine eligibility for a Cal Grant. (Cal Grant A and B have minimum GPA requirements; Cal Grant C does not but youíre encouraged to submit your GPA.)

You can submit your verified GPA before your FAFSA and CADAA beginning June 1st. Some schools automatically submit GPAs electronically for their students. Be sure to ask your counselor or someone in the office. If your school does not electronically submit GPAs, youíll need to fill out the Cal Grant GPA Verification Form and give it to a school official for verification before mailing it to the California Student Aid Commission. Be sure to give your school plenty of time to certify it by the March 2 deadline.

If youíll be pursuing a technical or career education, you can be considered for a Cal Grant C award even if you donít submit a verified GPA. Youíre still encouraged to submit your GPA because it can only help your chances of receiving an award.