CSAC Events

Symposium on Student Debt in California — Presentations

Featured Presenter: Mark Kantrowitz Publisher, Sr. Vice President, Edvisors.com

Mr. Kantrowitz is a nationally recognized expert on financial aid and student borrowing. He has written extensively on college access and affordabilty, and will discuss some of the challenges facing students and families both before and after attending college. His presentation will include a valuable question and answer period, which will be instrumental as the Commission seeks to define financial literacy, and indentifies steps it can take to help manage student debt.

Panel Discussion: Economic and Social Impacts of Student Debt

  1. Laura Choi, Federal Reserve of San Francisco
  2. Dr. Su Jin Gatlin Jez, California State University, Sacramento
  3. Debbie Cochrane, The Institute for College Access and Success, Project on Student Debt
  4. Greg Leib, CEO and President, Terra Fossil Wines, Stomp out Students Loans

Panel Discussion: What Colleges Are Doing To Help

  1. Rachelle Feldman, University of California
  2. Dean Kulju, California State University, Office of the Chancellor
  3. Rhonda Mohr, California Community Colleges, Chancellor's Office
  4. Veronica Villalobos Cruz, Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities