Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will the site visit take?

A: The standard site visit lasts between four and five days. It may take fewer days or more days depending on the materials received.

Q: Why did my school get picked?

A: Schools are selected for a compliance review based one or more of the following factors:

The school has never had a compliance review
This is a follow-up review
The school was referred for a review

Q: What if I do not agree with the auditor's findings?

A: The school has the opportunity to respond within 30-days of receiving the draft report. The response, which should include the written explanation and any supporting documentation, will be reviewed by the auditor and the audit manager. After all outstanding issues have been satisfactorily resolved, the school will receive a final review report closing the review.

Q: What records will the auditor be reviewing?

A: The records listed below will be looked at during the review process:

Student financial aid files
Admission and academic records
Student account/ledger records
Complete Commission reports and forms, such as Educational Level (EL) Rosters and Cal Grant Rosters
Job referral and placement records
Fiscal records

Q: I am a new Financial Aid Director and my school was just contacted by your office. What should I do?

A: There are a variety of references and resources available. The following is a list of some of those resources:

Cal Grant Manual
Commission Institutional Agreement
Commission Outreach and Training Office
Cal Grant Workshops
Commission Operations Memos, Policy Bulletins and Special Alerts