Can I apply for a Cal Grant without a GPA

To qualify for a Cal Grant award, each applicant must complete a FAFSA or CADAA and send in a GPA verification by the deadline. If you do not have access to a GPA, you may submit your GED, SAT, or ACT score if you:

  • Were home-schooled.
    • If you are home schooled, you can still qualify for a Cal Grant and other state financial aid as well as federal financial aid.
  • Attended a school that does not provide grades.
  • Attended a school that is not fully accredited by a regional accrediting agency.
  • Have a GPA that is more than 5 years old.

To submit your test scores, complete the "To Be Filled Out by Student" section of the Cal Grant GPA Verification Form. Mark the bubble for Question 8 ("Test Scores") and attach a copy of your ACT, SAT or GED scores. Email the form as a PDF document along with a copy of the test scores to the Commission no later than the March 2nd Cal Grant deadline to Student Support at