How can I receive Fifth Year Benefits?

Students who qualify for a Cal Grant are eligible for a maximum four years of eligibility. In order to qualify for an additional fifth year of Cal Grant eligibility, students must be enrolled in a mandatory five-year undergraduate program. A mandatory five-year program is an undergraduate program which requires all participants to complete more than four years of undergraduate study to obtain their degree. These additional benefits are not available to students whose attendance is extended for other reasons.

To qualify for Fifth Year Benefits, students enrolled in a mandatory five year undergraduate program should have received previous Cal Grant award(s) as well as submit a Fifth Year Benefits application form to CSAC through the Student Support email at a semester prior to the start of their fifth year program. Payment of the Fifth Year grant is subject to the institution verifying that the student is enrolled in an eligible fifth year program and qualifies for a Cal Grant.

To view the application and the list of Cal Grant Eligible Five Year Programs and Schools, please click here. If your course of study or institution is not listed, you must contact an official at your institution to request that they provide documentation to CSAC’s Institutional Support Unit that the program in which you are enrolled is a mandatory five-year program which meets the criteria stated above.