Marmaduke Award: Eligibility, Nomination, and Selection

Eligibility criteria, nomination process, and selection process information

Eligibility for the Arthur S. Marmaduke Award is open to all California high school counselors who meet the following criteria:

  • Fully certified and credentialed and work with high school students
  • Have been counseling at their current school for at least one school year
  • Have been a counselor for at least three years

Candidates for this award need to demonstrate superior skills, dedication, and results in helping students seek and receive financial aid.

Due to the school specific questions on the nomination form and scoring criteria we cannot accept candidates from county offices, Cal-SOAP, or counselors who serve multiple school sites.

Nomination Process

Candidates for the Arthur S. Marmaduke Award can be nominated by:

  • District and County leadership
  • School counselor/teacher colleague
  • Site administrators

There is a two-step process for nominations:

  1. Complete online nomination form
  2. Three personal testimonies from students on the counselorís impact/merits
    • a. One testimony must come from a current high school student, another must be from a former student, and the final testimony can come from either a current or former student
      b. At least one paragraph but no longer than 1.5 pages
      c. Email testimony to Krista Rindell at with subject line "2017-18 Marmaduke Award Student Testimony for (Nominee Last Name)"
      d. Excerpts from the testimony may be used on the CSAC website for the winnerís announcement

Nomination Suggestions:

  • The nominator should be knowledgeable about the school and the counselor being nominated
  • When filling out the application, be as specific and detailed as possible
    • This Sample 2017-18 Application can be used as a reference
    • We recommend using Word or another program to draft your responses and copy and paste into the nomination form

Scoring & Selection Process

Candidates will be scored based on the following criteria:

  • Involvement in financial aid and college events/activities
  • Impact on FAFSA/CADAA completion rates (rates over the past 3 years will be considered)
  • What they do to help students maintain eligibility and prepare for college
  • What they do to support and interact with underrepresented and 1st generation families
  • The personal comments from the nominator and the student testimonies
*Bonus Points are possible for those nominees who coordinate/promote Cash for College events*

To evaluate all the nominations, the California Student Aid Commission (Commission) convenes a selection committee consisting of Commission members, a member of the California Department of Education, a high school counselor, and Commission Staff. Using scoring guidelines aligned with the nomination questions, along with consideration for FAFSA/CADAA completion rates, committee members identify the nominations that best address the prompts and distinguish themselves as exemplary.

Once a winner is selected, the Commission will contact both the nominee and the nominator to coordinate a date and location for the award ceremony in April or Early May.

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