Mini - Trainings

        The Commission provides on-demand training for high school and financial aid administrators.
        Each mini-training below is approximately five minutes in length and targets a specific subject.
        To watch a mini-training, simply select a link below.

New to Financial Aid

Front Desk 101

Middle Class Scholarship

Middle Class Scholarship
MCS: Awards
MCS: File Types
MCS: File Submission Process
MCS: Reports

Cal Grant

Cal Grant Basics
Cal Grant Eligibility
Cal Grant A, B, C's
Cal Grant GPA Calculations
Individual SSN GPA Submission Process
SSN GPA Batch Upload
Individual Non SSN GPA Submission Process
Creating a NON SSN GPA Text File for Batch Upload
Uploading a NON SSN GPA Text File
NON SSN GPA Matching Process
NON SSN GPA Edit Process
High School GPA Reports
Cal Grant Payment Reporting
Cal Grant Payment Codes
Cal Grant Common Payment Scenarios
Cal Grant Reconciliation
Interest Bearing Accounts


Establishing and Accessing WebGrants
WebGrants Help Menu
WebGrants Tools
Student Information Screens in WebGrants
Customizing Your Roster
Grant Record Changes (G-21)
CA Dream Act Screens in WebGrants
WebGrants Reports (Colleges)
Cal Grant Reconciliation Reports
WebGrants for Students
California License Exam Reporting
SB 70: Data Reporting
SB 70: Uploading Your Text File

California Dream Act

Dream Act Eligibility Requirements
2015-16 Dream Act Parent Pin Process
US Selective Service System Match for Dreamers

Commission Resources

Commission Resources