Arthur S. Marmaduke High School Counselor Award

Recognizing and honoring excellence in a California High School Counselor

The Arthur S. Marmaduke Award is a $1,500 annual award recognizing one outstanding California high school counselor who demonstrates exemplary skills in helping students fulfill their dreams of going to college. The candidate is nominated by his or her District and County leadership, fellow school counselor/teacher, school principal, or other site administrator. Each year, California Student Aid Commission staff solicits nominations from high schools recommending a California high school counselor who demonstrates effectiveness for serving students in preparing for and pursuing their higher education.

Arthur S. Marmaduke was Executive Director of the California Student Aid Commission for 25 years from 1960 to 1985. The award was established in 1985 in his honor as the longest-serving executive director in the history of the commission, which was founded in 1955. Mr. Marmaduke also served as the first President of the National Association of State Grant and Aid Programs.

The Nomination Period for the 2017-18 Award is Now Closed

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2016-17 Recipient: Lynda McGee (Downtown Magnets HS)

Picture Lynda McGee 2016-17 Award winner

The recipient of the 2016-17 Arthur S. Marmaduke Award was Lynda McGee of Downtown Magnets High School in the Los Angeles Unified School District located in Los Angeles County.

Ms. McGee was nominated by her Assistant Principal, Dr. Dickson Perey, who described Lynda as a “gem.” She has been a counselor at Downtown Magnets High School for 17 years and served as the school’s college counselor for 12 of those years.

This year’s nomination process required the inclusion of student testimonies. Lynda McGee received the most testimonies of any of the counselors nominated and all of these detailed her dedication, passion and life changing actions. Former student, Wei Xie, said “Ms. McGee played a critical role in fostering my growth as a student. I am glad to call her my mentor, my teacher, and my mom away from home.” Another student, Esmeralda Zuniga, stated “She [Ms. McGee] is diligent, resilient, well versed, relentless, and most importantly, passionate about encouraging students to attend four year universities.”

Lynda McGee was presented with the award on June 7, 2017, during the Senior Class Graduation rehearsal at Downtown Magnets High School. California Student Aid Commissioners Devon Graves and Catalina Cifuentes along with California Student Aid Commission Executive Director Lupita Cortez Alcalá presented the award to Ms. McGee. Executive Director Alcalá said, “Lynda McGee is a dedicated advocate for all students. Her extraordinary commitment to assist students in applying for college and receiving state and federal financial aid has resulted in thousands of dollars in grants and scholarships for students.” Alcalá added, “Lynda is truly in service to students and families and deserving of this honor.”

After the ceremony, Ms. McGee said, “This is an emotional job and the students mean everything to me. The job never gets old and I really love what I do because the smallest efforts can lead to the biggest changes for my students.”

Recent Recipients of the Arthur Marmaduke Award:

Year Name School County
2015-2016 Jesse Barajas, Jr. Gridley High School Butte
2013-2014 Andrea Goodwin Los Angeles High School for the Arts Los Angeles
2012-2013 Warren Popp Keema High School Sacramento
2011-2012 Dr. Dario Villa Montgomery High School San Diego
2010-2011 Lisa R. Golden King Drew Magnet High School of Medicine and Science Los Angeles
2009-2010 Michael Badouin Chino Hills High School San Bernardino

Past Recipients of the Arthur Marmaduke Award:

Year Name Year Name
2008-2009 Twila Rutherford 1996-1997 Douglas R. Mercer
2007-2008 Rebecca Jauregui 1995-1996 Carmen Starr
2006-2007 Robin Sroka 1994-1995 Jean Flores
2005-2006 Sally Pace 1993-1994 John Mandell
2004-2005 Michelle Khayat 1992-1993 Janice Reinstein
2003-2004 Sue Ann Joy 1991-1992 Raymon W. Kirk
2002-2003 Henry Bailey 1990-1991 Jack Wright
2001-2002 Barry T. Baker 1989-1990 Eleanor Richards
2000-2001 Barbara McCune 1988-1989 Enriqueta V. Chavez
1999-2000 Hector Armas 1987-1988 Tony Gelfuso
1998-1999 Linden Beckford 1986-1987 Michael Sullivan
1997-1998 Charlotte Downing 1985-1986 Marcine Landon