How do I change my name on the FAFSA if I got married after I submitted it?

Actually, you should wait to change your name until after you have been awarded a Cal Grant. Making a name change before your award notification could slow up the processing of your application. After you have received your award notification letter, then you can submit the Grant Record Change Form for Students to notify the Commission of your changes.

If you applied for a Cal Grant last year and did not get the award or you withdrew from the award competition and you changed your name, youíll need to take some steps to avoid any confusion with your records since the Commission already has your information in its database. If you submit your FAFSA this year under a different name, your file will be flagged for corrections and you will not be put into the Cal Grant competition. The best thing to do is submit a change of name to the Commission using the Cal Grant Application Correction Form and then submit your FAFSA after the name change has been complete. Please be aware that for students attending four-year colleges, career vocational or technical schools and community colleges, the Cal Grant application deadline is March 2. For community college students only who miss the March 2 deadline, there is a second deadline of September 2. However, only a limited number of awards are available in the fall, so itís best to apply by March 2.